Early Christmas

Sophia and I were fortunate to get together with a dear friend on her birthday to make those yummy buckeye cookies and drink prosecco while the kids played.  Well, Sophia did not have any prosecco, but I had a glass for her.

this picture is for my dad - merry christmas!
owen was in the picture but he's so fast - he moved out right as I took the picture


the birthday girl! fuzzy picture thanks to my camera

While the cookies did not turn out as beautiful as the ones she delivered as a holiday gift (mainly the ones I made for some reason), it was so special to spend time together, watching the kids chase each other and play together, all with their lovely Christmas tree in the background.  Next year, I think we need a tree other than a rosemary bush.

We opened a few gifts before leaving for Phoenix from family and friends.

sophia's new giant dog that can be climbed on by all

she loves her new leaptop - thanks trinka! she LOVES it!
sophia holds momma's newest toy
daddy can't wait to start brewing

Many thanks to the family and friends that make our lives so much more enjoyable!  Happy holidays!

***Due to weather mess that SoCa is right now, we decided to cancel our airstream adventure we had planned following Christmas.  We have another adventure planned for Spring Break to LA, so those airstream-enthusiasts will have something to look forward too.


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