More SF Pics

Since yesterday’s post was really long and my broken computer kept crashing, I thought I do another post, highlighting a few other pictures I didn’t get to include.

sophia LOVES technology
Golden Gate Park kid's playground was truly amazing
I totally wanted to climb this at GGP

Japanese Tea Garden
Randall Museum
City views from my steep walk up to Randall Museum
Macy's display window

At Macy’s, all the animals in the display are up for adoption.  They did this display two years ago, and I just spent so much time watching all the cats!  This year, I took Sophia there a couple of times in the afternoon when she was getting antsy.  This cat was really interested in Sophia and wasn’t too sure what to make of her.

Views from the de Young tower
at de Young tower
Tidal Pool at Academy of Sciences
Ship at Academy of Science kid play area

We really did have a great time.  I think next time it would be easier to rent a place rather than a hotel.  It was hard to figure out the room with Sophia now that she’s outgrown the pack-n-play.  She slept on the other bed in the room.  Which did not work well the first night, when she fell off the bed at 4:30 am, even with pillows all around her.  So I put the bed on the floor with pillows all around, which worked better, but then she was able to get up when she wanted.  No matter what time – like 5 am.   I put the bed back together during the day so Sophia could climb onto it to play (making a step with the lower mattress).  But at night, we had to hang out in the bathroom to read so we wouldn’t disturb her.  Not exactly my favorite place – cold tile is not cozy after long days of walking.

Now that we’re home, I’m busy getting everything ready for our Airstream adventure that begins the day after Christmas.  We’re off to Phoenix for the holiday and then over to San Diego.  Hopefully it won’t rain too much!


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