a holiday play date

It’s been a bit hard to get into the spirit this year.  Maybe it’s the commercialization of the holiday  and the pressures I’m feeling from that. And my wish that we could just do what we want to do, instead of what we’re roped into doing…  Maybe it’s the unseasonable warm weather…who knows. I just haven’t really been in the holiday mood. Okay, enough complaining.

So to try to get in the holiday spirit, Sophia and I did some baking for our holiday play date.  We (I) made a chocolate stout cake made with Guinness, which was loveliness indeed. We also made some banana-orange mini loafs (for take-away gifts) and a cranberry-orange loaf for us for breakfast.     And then we made homemade marshmallows, simply because I just couldn’t seem to stop baking!

I can’t recall where I found the recipe for marshmallows, but it is so simple.  It was so much fun – but a note to the wise.  Do not leave your marshmallows in the mixer to sit while you change a diaper.  They harden up and then you’re left with about half of the marshmallows that you made, because the other half is stuck to the mixer.

Homemade Marshmallows:

Add 3 packages of gelatin (21 grams) to 1/2 cup of cold water (preferable in your mixer ) to bloom (which means let the gelatin soak up the water).

In a saucepan, combine 2 cups sugar and 2/3 cups corn syrup and 1/4 cup water  – bring to a boil.  You can boil for a few minutes or heat until a thermometer reads 250 degrees.  I was lazy and just let it boil for a few minutes.

Drizzle the corny syrup mixture into the gelatin mixture while mixing together.  Continue mixing until marshmallow has fluffed up.  Add 1/4 teaspoon fo salt…keep mixing and increase the speed.   DO NOT LEAVE TO CHANGE A DIAPER!

Once marshmallows have stopped increasing, add 1 tablespoon of vanilla.  After this mixed in, pour into a container where the marshmallows can sit and cool for at least 3 hours, preferably overnight.  Cut the marshmallows using a pizza cutter into squares and roll in powdered sugar and maybe even melted chocolate if you like.


We had a lovely play date with everyone. It was so good to see all, even if I’m still feeling a bit sick.  I just wish this cold would go away…and not return.



sophia LOVES to sit on amy...and this time she got cake too!



Everyone brought tasty treats to share…and I ate too much!  It was so yummy!  Thanks to everyone for coming and bringing some holiday cheer our way!


2 thoughts on “a holiday play date

  1. Amy

    You got some great pictures! I hope by now you’re starting to feel better, and maybe the holiday spirit is creeping in a little 🙂 The bread was yummy, the cake didn’t last, and the marshmallows are also nearly gone – good stuff, thank you!

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