a sewathon

With a somewhat broken computer, it’s hard to get work done, not mention posting.  In the meanwhile, a massive sew-a-thon was attempted today to knock a few of the sewing handmade holiday gifts off the holiday to-do list.

To make room for the overly ambition knitting projects that have yet to be knitted…by the world’s slowest knitterAhem.

Here are a few items completed:

First, there was the flannel hat for Sophia, which was too big, if you recall.  (Pattern was modified from Simple Sewing for Baby).  I ripped all the seams out and cut it down and sewed it yet again.  Still too big.

So I did took it apart again, this time just cutting it apart with my scissors because I did not have the patience to rip all the seams out again.  It fits now, but is still a bit big. But usable, which is what we needed. I have this pattern down and could possible do it in my sleep. I might have been…

The big head is modeling this hat because Sophia was napping at this point.  I didn’t want to give up, simply because I adore the owl fabric.  Too cute!  And I didn’t have enough left to start over from scratch.

Then onto the fleece & cotton scarfs.  This was a Martha idea featured in this month’s magazine. She recommended cutting new fleece and cotton fabric to make the scarf.  I simplified the process by getting some nice thrifted scarfs from Savers and fabric from SAS.

If your scarfs have a fringe, just cut it off!  Then you have a nice shape to work with…

Viola, pretty handmade scarfs!

Next up, two peasant dresses from Prudent Baby. Actually, one will be a dress and the other will likely be a tunic for a slightly older child.    Still, I have this pattern down now and plan on making more for Sophia.  All the fabric shown here is from SAS.

Five handcrafted items in four hours, not too bad! On with the knitting!


3 thoughts on “a sewathon

  1. Trinka

    Man, all of your projects make me feel like I’m a slacker! Nice job! I still have yet to sew Alexa’s curtains, but that’s next on my list :).

  2. deserthomespun

    the dresses are gifts, so i may be able to get photos, but not anytime soon. i should have show you today!

    trinka – don’t feel like a slacker!! you do what you can when you can…and enjoy it.

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