happy birthday jon!

Happy 39th birthday to my wonderful husband Jon!  The amazing father of Sophia!  We love you!!!

helping daddy with the turkey
the maker of fanstatic fires!
a fun guy to cuddle with


We’ll do whatever Jon wants to on his birthday, which might entail going to Nimbus…


Grandma Mary asked me how old Jon was going to be. I told her 39…she said, yeah, that’s what they all say.  How old is he really going to be? I laughed and explained that Jon is really going to be 39 this year…for the first time. Next year, we’ll just keep repeating it!


3 thoughts on “happy birthday jon!

  1. Aunt JoAn

    I thought about Jon yesterday but never got around to E-mailing him HAPPY BIRTHDAY! So explain to Jon this is what happens when you get in your 50’s something to look forward to…the memory span goes! Happy Belated BD!

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