winter pants

The weather has finally decided to cooperate and become cold.  And therefore, it is pants weather!  For those of us who wear pants anyways.  Sophia wears pants but I just couldn’t see buying her new pants when it is easy enough to make them. So I bought a bunch of flannel and corduroy fabric from SAS with plans to make her some more pants.


I had to modify the pattern until I got it just right.  Here’s the latest pants to come out of Pamela’s sweatshop….


green polka dot pants




this is the correct direction of the fabric



how pants may turn out if you have not written TOP on your pattern...



before the hem length was truly determined



There are a few more pairs of pants not featured.  I think the waist should come up half an inch after watching Sophia play in them.  But I think I have a working pattern now that actually works.  Expect to see a few more pairs of pants.


Next up is a dress or two.  It turns out all the dresses I bought a size larger for Sophia really are too big to wear this year.  So someone needs a few more dresses to go with her colorful tights.  I’m thinking of this pattern – a long sleeve peasant dress. Lots of lovely fabric to choose from for this beauty…



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