another knit cowl

I began knitting another cowl Sunday afternoon when Jon & Sophia went for a bike ride.  They disappeared and I got a call that they were at our neighbor’s house, drinking beer!  Well, Jon was drinking beer, anyway.  So I had some quiet time on my hands for at least a half hour and decided to make some headway on another holiday gift.


I was only able to knit on this project three times this week and am amazed at how quickly the project was completed.    Here is the red cowl:

Sorry for showing a picture with the ends not sewn in, but I was trying to take this photo with a grumpy kid who wanted to play with the camera.  I would have taken the time to really finished it, but Sophia rather likes my little kit of knitting & crocheting tools and I cannot have it out around her.  Those loose ends are now finished.


The cowl is much longer than the previous one.  I cast on 70 stitches this time – and I like this better.  It covers much more of your neck than the previous one.  I’d show a picture of me wearing the cowl, but none of them turned out well.


sophia was NOT in the mood to model

Since it’s going to take me an hour or more to wind the next skein into a ball of yarn, I better get to work on that so I can knit something else sometime in the the near future!




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