green boots

Sophia and I saw these at the same time at Target the other day when we were quickly getting a few things for our neighbor, who is sick.  Okay, so maybe I saw them and thought how cute they’d be on her.  I did let her choose between these and the pink Hello Kitty boots…and thankfully, she chose the green ones.  I thought they’d be nice for walking around the yard and in the chicken coop (in which there may be no chickies come this weekend).  And she just loves them.  She won’t take them off…not even when friends come over to play inside!

green boots look great with dresses and tights too
wow - those are some boots!


amy & sophia the cuddle bunny


not the best photo, but the only one with all three in it


My camera had a little difficulty focusing with the light and movement.  Oh well. Amy and I had a lovely time drinking tea and chatting while the kids played…

Sophia eventually lost one boot during the play date, but we did manage to get it back on.  She really likes those green boots!


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