a sleep sack for sophia

Sophia used a sleep sack last winter to stay warm and I wanted to make a new one for her this year. BTW, click on that link and go see how tiny she was!  So cute!

I didn’t have a pattern, but I knew I wanted to make some adjustment to last year’s.  So, I just kinda freehand made a sleep sack, cutting out the pieces and sewing it together.

The zipper was a pain.  I had to use two zippers, since I totally messed up the first one.  But I figured it out eventually.  A sleep sack!

Hmmm, there seems to be a slight problem here…

what was my momma thinking?


A sleep sack that was too small for my very tall girl!  Maybe some other lucky shorter kid will end up with this sack…

Oh well, time to make a real pattern and measure the kid. Again.

This time it turned out just right – perhaps even too long so she’ll have plenty of room to grow and stretch out!

Now she’ll stay warm at night and I won’t have to try and go in to recover her up!


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