bargains abound!

Savers had an amazing sale today of 50% everything…something I had no idea of when I decided to venture out and try to find Sophia some long-sleeved shirts.  Well, even though the place was PACKED, I managed to find some shirts & dresses for her, a shirt for me, a few Christmas gifts, and a chair.

Wait, a chair?  Why?  Well the Arizona room just needed a chair…or two.  Cushions are great to sit on and all, but a comfy chair to curl up in together…yeah, that’s what we needed.  And I found one and bought it for the grand total of $7.50.

Yup.  What a bargain!  And while it does have a funky stain on the back of the chair, I plan on making a slipcover for it.  The chair has a nice shape and is very comfy.  Sophia and I tested it out today.  We decided we like it.

easy to get in & out of

I like this chair because it is the same shape as a chair we had at the old house in the kitchen where I did quite of bit of sitting during grad school.  Homework was done, cups of tea were drunk, knitting was attempted, and wine was shared.  Unfortunately, Ms. Kitty peed one too many time in the chair and we had to get rid of it.  But there were good memories associated with that chair. I think we’ll make some nice new ones in this one.  Hopefully without the cat pee…

Thanks to Grammy & Grampy for sending Sophia some shopping expenses!


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