cowl scarf

I did it!!! I actually finished a knitting project in less time than it takes our political parties to agree on something! Or in my lifetime, whichever is shorter!

As you may recall, I saw this and wanted to give it a try.  I ordered the yarn for three projects (I am nothing if not ambitious when trying something new) and casted one on.

And then had to start over.  Four times.

Yes, four times.  The first time, I used the wrong circular needles – too long.  Apparently, you cannot use needles longer than the circumference of your project.  Okay, fine, be that way.

Then, I did not cast on enough yarn.  Ok, rip it out and start again.

Then, Sophia got ahold of my project and took it off the needles. She has quite the long reach, especially with things she shouldn’t be getting into.

OMG.  Four times I began this project.  Was this a sign that knitting and I just wouldn’t get along?

I took a deep breath and poured a glass of wine and tried again.  Yes, a glass of wine.  No, it was after 5 pm, so it was ok! I figured, hey, it works for crocheting! And what do you know…it actually seemed to flow off the needles.  Well, not off the needles, since they are circular, but the knitting went quickly.

It was an easy pattern (which of course I modified a bit) and time flew by.  Less than one week later, I have a cowl scarf.  Or as my dear husband said – what is that???  I replied, a cowl scarf…and he said, a cowl sc… (imagine up-chucking noises).  Gotta love the support. No really, he was joking.  Kinda.

Well, it’s not perfect, but it is finished and it was fun to do.  Easy to do with a toddler, if I can say so. If anything is easy to do with a frustrated toddler…

my scarf makes a nice poncho, eh?

***Okay, so I just look at  the picture of the project and my scarf looks nothing like it.  Oh well.

I was eager to begin the next project, but it took me an hour and half to take the skein of yarn and make it into a ball.  So, how many knitting projects do you need to complete before you can justify buying a swift to wind and make your balls of yarn???

is $49.99 too much?

3 thoughts on “cowl scarf

  1. Amy

    I thought it was beautiful! Can’t wait for you to teach my how to knit 😉 Though perhaps I should at least finish my crocheting projects first…

  2. Trinka

    Aaron’s getting me one of those contraptions to ball my yarn for Christmas!!! I can’t wait! I think he’s tired of helping me keep my yarn from knotting during the balling process :).

    Nice job with the scarf! I love the blue color!

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