Well, actually all of us are a bit frustrated around here these days.  Sophia is having difficulty communicating. There are times when she runs through every sign she know and unfortunately, there just aren’t enough signs in her vocabulary for us to determine what she’s trying to tell us.  She’s taken to screaming in her attempt to let us know what she needs.  Jon and I are a bit frustrated with the screaming, as you might imagine.  It’s hard to take a deep breath and just continue trying to figure out what she needs. But we try to do this anyways.

I think we’re just at the point where Sophia understands we most of what say to her, but she can’t seem to figure out how to convey it back to us so we understand her. She has words that she uses, but she prefers to communicate with us using signs.  We continue to say the words over and over again while we get, say milk out of the fridge for her, but…it’s just doesn’t always come back to us.

And then there are times when she’ll just suddenly repeat a new word back to you out of the blue.  Like away. We’ve been working on up and down and off…and then I said let’s put the toys away – and Sophia instantly repeats away as clear as can be.

It’s fascinating to what her little mind grow and expand every day and see her experience new things.  I know we’ll reach a point where language just comes flowing out of her. I look forward to that and I am enjoying the time I have with her in this stage.  I would just like to have the screaming stop…soon.

And having the 5:30 am wakings go away too would also be nice…but I’m not going to push my luck. One or the other would be good.


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