a new love

I am not fond of Elmo to say the least, but Sophia seems to love him.  Or it.  Whatever.  My favorite character on Sesame Street is Oscar, which may say tons about me.

But since she does like the one character I seem to almost despise (perhaps it’s his habitat of talking about himself in first person or whatever person it is – Elmo likes  this, Elmo wants a hug??? JUST SAY YOU WANT A HUG DUDE!!!!).

Anyway, I saw these and thought about how much she would love them. Even though now that I’ve been thinking of Elmo as I write this post and that darn song is running through my head.  You know, the one that really makes no sense and just won’t stop.

Clearly, I have issues with Elmo.

Ok, enough about me.  On to Sophia’s new love…

And she does. And so does Lucy, which is quite funny…Lucy loves to toss them up in the air and catch them…but she can only do this when Sophia is not wearing them…

Which is not often.  You ask her to get her shoes to go outside and she brings you these.  Hmmm. Not quite outdoor-worthy.  But that doesn’t stop her. She’s got a new love…Elmo slippers.

I guess I have only myself to blame.  I just thought since she likes my slippers so much, it was only fair to get Sophia her own pair…


Note to any grandparent out there who might be tempted to buy Sophia a talking Elmo doll of any sort…PLEASE DON’T.


2 thoughts on “a new love

  1. Being a parent is all about compromise isn’t it. I’m so with you about not liking Elmo. But if she give you that cute grin how could you not get them for her!

  2. Amy

    You’re screwed – Elmo does not go away, you have to learn to live with him, or really tick off the kidlet 😉 I myself, after much practice, can totally tune him out.

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