the first haircut

Sophia has a mop of hair, so much blond hair that sticks up everywhere.  It’s totally cute.  She has a ton of hair clips and pony holders…but she’s recently learned how to take them out and tries to eat them instead.


So we decided it was time to trim her hair – just a bit – in front, so she could see. We put her highchair on the porch (where I cut Daddy’s hair) and put her in it.


Here’s the before shot:

i think i see you!



It’s quite hard to cut a squirming toddler’s hair.  Her bangs aren’t quite straight – in fact, one side is a bit higher than the other.  But she can see.

i HATE this!


She was mostly upset that I wouldn’t let her play with the scissors…

She still has wings of hair that fly out towards the side.  It’s still cute, tousled, and adorable.  The only difference is she can see from underneath all that hair.


And with that done, she got back to the business of exploring.



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