autumn garden is in!

I have to say, planting a garden with a very active toddler is an exercise.  In what exactly I am unsure, but it is exercise.  Gotta keep her out of the beds.  Gotta keep her from walking on the plants I just planted.  Gotta keep her from eating said plants.  Gotta give her the empty containers to keep her occupied for maybe 10 seconds. And when watering the plants, gotta keep her from putting her feet in the water (I was flood-watering the rows)…keeping Sophia out of the water was a losing battle. Oh well, she cooled off…


my tired and hot garden helper


I have never dug so many holes to quickly in my life.  At least the autumn garden is in and hopefully doing its job growing to make us lots of yummy food.

I planted cabbages, swiss chard (can you say YUMMY!!!!), leeks, white bunching onions and yellow sweet spanish onions, and some herbs.  We have tarragon, parsley, three kinds of thyme,  lemon verbena, and echinacea. All of this was planted in the ground beds.  I have pots of herbs, tomatoes, carrots, and potatoes already growing. I’ve mentioned a couple of times now that those kale & chard seeds are coming up! Hopefully some will make it to be full-sized – Sophia tends to like to “garden” in those pots and the pots lose seedlings every day.

And we have some lovely visitors to the garden…

As you might imagine, the hummingbirds were less than thrilled with these interlopers.  I’ve never had bees visit these feeders before.  But there was enough for everyone.  If only I could get those harvester ants to leave my plants alone, things would be great.


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