getting back on the knitting horse

So, I am a notoriously slow knitter.  Very slow.  My friend Antje taught me to knit and while I love it – it does not go quickly.  I am not a knitter who can watch tv and knit or really even hold a decent conversation and knit…I just think too much about the pattern I’m knitting to do much else. And even then, I usually totally screw up the pattern somehow.  Or add my own touch, I like to think…

Now crocheting, I can drink wine, have multiple conversations, and do cartwheels while I crochet.  Maybe not the cartwheels, but you understand what I mean. I manage to get projects finished in time spans that are less than eons when I crochet. Of course this does not mean the projects turn out perfect, ahem.  But they do eventually get finished.

But I’m inspired to get back to knitting because of this cowl I saw at house on hill road, who first saw it here at sixooneseven.

To make this cowl, you use large circular needles (large needles means it knits up faster in my mind) and one ball of beautiful yarn. I really love the cowl – my favorite sweaters had this neckline.  I say had because they either shrunk in the wash or have gotten so stained & worn out that I no longer have them.  Until I find the next perfect cowl-necked sweater, this cowl scarf would be a great substitute.

I was up before six am yesterday due to a cat who decided to try throwing up on my bed (while I was still in it).  The cat got pushed off the bed in time to throw up on the floor and I just couldn’t go back to sleep.  So I decided to look for yarn and found this scrupulous chunky baby alpaca yarn at Purl Soho.  Sophia decided to sleep in, naturally.

Here’s the colors I fell for:

I couldn’t decide which color…so I ordered all three! Talk about getting back in the saddle! Maybe these cowls will become future gifts…if they turn out half way decent!

I can’t wait for this to arrive and I can give knitting a go again.  And attempting to knit on the porch, now that’s it cooling off, that sounds quite lovely.  I might even have a glass of wine sitting there too.  You never know! It might help…

***** I reached for a bowl this morning for my granola and saw four bowls in these exact colors stacked one on top of another …what can I say, I like these colors!


4 thoughts on “getting back on the knitting horse

  1. Trinka

    Looks great! I love to knit, but it does take forever to finish a big project. I have been knitting this ONE thing (a purse for my mom… hopefully as a Christmas present) for over a year now. It’s taking me forever. It’s partly my fault though, because I decided I wanted it to be big enough to felt (so things couldn’t fall through any holes once it’s finished). So, it has to be twice as big as the final project. And now I’ve decided I’m going to embroider an angel on the side :)… and possibly line it was some fabric (if I can find a cool angel themed fabric). I started it before I was pregant with Lex! I really need to learn how to crochet :P. I’ve wanted to put pics up of my progress on the blog, but then my mom would see it and it would ruin the surprise :). So, I’ll have to wait until AFTER Christmas to show it off. Oh well, hope she likes it.

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