meet “rafe”

Sophia’s newest friend to join our crazy menagerie: Mr. Giraffe, know as “Rafe”.

He caught my eye on a recent Costco run and just wouldn’t let me past him by until he was safely inside my cart.

He is very friendly and doesn’t mind getting his hair or tail pulled. Or being climbed on…or have blankets tucked around him for a nap.

He likes nap time too…

Sophia calls him “Rafe” – her version of Giraffe. You can somewhat hear her say “Rafe” in the videos in the side tab.

Sophia’s doing better on the sleeping through the night, with no bottle.  She wakes up and cries a short cry throughout the night, and around 5 am, she gives out a longer (2-4 minutes) cry and then goes back sleep until around 6 am. Then we’re up and out for our morning walk. Early, but that’s how it is…

She’s using the sippy cup all day until bedtime when the bottle comes out.  And she lets you know when it’s time for milk.  Not only does she sign “milk”, but she heads over to the fridge and bangs on the door.  She knows there is MILK in there, and you better get it quick!!!  She’s doing better about drinking the milk in the sippy cup and not throwing too many fits about not having it in a bottle.

Jon is out of town for the weekend (geomorphology conference in SC), so it’s a girls weekend here.  We have a birthday party to attend tomorrow, which is the extent of our big plans.  We’re planning on planting some of the autumn garden  – the beds are ready and I have leeks, onions, chard, and some herbs to plant (those seeds are finally coming up).   Maybe we’ll watch a girly movie, or at least, I will after Sophia goes to bed.  And there may be a couple of early bedtimes for me, unless I decide to finish a quilt I’m working on…which does have a deadline associated with it, since there’s a baby shower to send it off to by next weekend.  So it’s either work on it at night or during naps, if I get a chance.  Next week’s a busy week, with three field classes for work (lots and lots of kids!)


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