ode to boden

We’ve been without child care all week, so we’ve had a friend help us out in a pinch & Jon stayed home one morning on the first day of my field class.  Thanks Amy for watching Sophia! Jon is in New Mexico again and Sophia and I were left to our own devices today.

Which include trying on clothes from Boden and going to Target.  Yup, we were all out of sponges, soaps, lotion – basically, everything that makes a household run.   Or at least our home.

As far as the clothes go, I ordered a coat for Sophia from Boden and it arrived.  Here’s what it looks like:

It was $40 and worth it.  I love everything I have ever bought from Boden, with the exception of one shirt, which I returned.  This is unfortunate, because Boden is rather costly. Everything is just so well made and make you feel lovely.  Oh so lovely and British…

So, anyways, the coat. I bought it in the lovely scarlet red color and in the 3-4 year size, which makes it a bit big.  I had to roll up the sleeves twice.  But I love everything by Boden…and this coat was a no-brainer.  Red outside and blue and white polka dots inside?  How adorable!

And here it is, with Sophia modeling:

Already accessorizing, I see.

I love these little back buttons! And yes, the sundress and sandals with a red coat is very chic these days in Paris.

She really likes the coat.  She refused to let me take it off.

And notice the bouncy balls?

There are many bouncy balls at Amy’s house and Sophia just loved them…so we got two at Target.  Only Sophia though it was hilarious to throw them out of the cart and watch me run all over the store chasing them. So I had to carry two balls in my arms and push the cart to check out…not an easy task, let me tell you.  But she really enjoys them…

Here’s Sophia prancing around in a pair of tights, also from Boden.  I had her try them on because I wanted to make sure I ordered the right size…and she decided she had to do laps around the house in them…I think she’s likes them.  Now if only it will get cold.

And because we had nothing else pertinent to do, we made a somewhat boring video. The subject matter sure is cute!


3 thoughts on “ode to boden

  1. Amy

    Silly woman, quit thanking me, I’m happy to lend a hand, or a handful of bouncy balls 😉 Love, love, love the coat and tights!

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