sophia goes to the zoo

Sophia had her first trip to the local zoo this weekend.  It was hard to tell what she liked best – watching the animals, running up to the exhibits with glass walls, running around, or examining the manhole cover.

Yes, that’s my girl.  She was fascinated with the manhole cover at one point.  Well, if you’d never seen one, you might be too!

I think she liked the atrium best.  We went inside and she was thrilled to see all these birds flying and walking on the ground.  She just took off (with us close behind of course).  She even tried climbing into the duck pond a couple of time, just to get closer to those birds!

Even though this is October, it was getting hot by the time we left.  I am so tired of this heat!

After the zoo, we came home and had a quick lunch before everyone retired for a long nap.  Sophia slept for three hours…and we kinda did too!  What a relaxing day!


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