cold turkey update

I wish there was some other way of saying “cold turkey” than cold turkey.  It sounds so unappealing.  Which I guess is the point…anyways…an update on the sleep thing.

So, after meltdown-number-who-knows, we decided to implement some new (or rather, some old) sleep methods.  Sophia needs to sleep at night.  And so do we.

First Night:

So Thursday night she woke up at midnight.  We let her cry.  She cried, stopped, rolled around on the bed, fell asleep for a bit, and then repeated this all over again…for what seemed like hours.

I looked at the clock and only 15 minutes had passed.  Oh my. (Please note: we do the 15 minute method during the day and it doesn’t bother me as much – probably because I can distract myself with other things.  At night, all I want to do is sleep).

She finally got quiet and laid still on the bed for ten minutes.  I hoped she was asleep… Then it all began again. For another ten minutes…then  silence.  She finally fell asleep for good.

She woke at 5 am and I fed her. My rational is that I’d rather get up to feed her after at least eight hours of sleep (say at 5 am) than have her up for the day at 5 am.  After eating half a bottle, she sleeps until almost 8 am.

Night 2:

Panda bangs the screen door to be let in at midnight (damn cat!).  Sophia sleeps from 7 pm until almost 5 am and I feed her.  She sleeps until 8 am.

I think this might be working..

Night 3:

Sophia wakes at 3:30 am, which still meets my at least 8 hours of sleep rule.  She wakes again at 5:30 am.  I rolled over to Jon and told him she was just going to have to cry.  I didn’t even turn on the monitor. Somehow she stopped crying pretty quickly and I just fell back asleep.

Until the damn cat started whining at 7 am to be feed.  Oh well.  We’ll work on training him next!  Can you train a cat?  Somehow, I think it is unlikely…

Sophia is still asleep, thankfully.

I figure once we all have a bit more sleep and are only being working up once a night after 8 hours of sleep, then I will work on fully night-weaning Sophia.  Right now, I just need to get enough sleep to not be a zombie and then we’ll work on the rest.

This sleep thing might actually be working…fingers crossed….


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