going cold turkey

The lack of sleep has taken its toll.  I’m now crying at the simplest & stupidest things – and getting frustrated so easily. I can barely think. This cannot continue.

I took Sophia to the doctor today because we thought she might have an ear infection.    Luckily, she doesn’t, it’s probably just her rubbing the area because a molar is incoming in that general location.  But I asked when she should be night weaned, and the doctor told me there is no need for her to be up during the night eating.  And gave me this look like, you poor thing – what have you done to yourself? That Sophia waking up during the night is just bad habits that we’ve reinforced.


If she’s in pain, that’s another thing.  But generally, she wakes up crying and I feed her, but she doesn’t eat more than an ounce before she signs “all done” and goes back to bed…until she’s up again.  I’ve tried soothing her only (no picking up), and that just seems to make her even madder.  I’ve tried pajamas that she can’t remove (she likes to remove her pants…and then gets cold during the night) and I’ve tried cereal in her last bottle of milk before bed, again.

I have tried everything.  So now I’m going to try the full crying out method. Let her cry for at least 15 minutes or as long as it takes (watching in the monitor) and not going in. Soothing her just makes things worse.  I did this method  (the not going in & letting her cry method)this morning when she was up again at 4 am, mostly out of pure exhaustion.  I just couldn’t get up again. And she cried for 10 minutes, went back to sleep, then woke again – and cried for 5 minutes, and then finally asleep until after 7 this morning.

I think Sophia’s just gotten used to me coming in (and I’ve gotten myself in the bad habit of going in – regardless).  I know it will get worse before it gets better, but I need sleep.  We both do.  I know I’ve said this before, but I’m really going to buckle down tonight (and the next night and all the ones after that) and stay consistent.

I know some people will read this and think poorly of me and other will think – why haven’t you done this before??? Each parent has the right to make the mistakes they will make and not have others judge.  Don’t make me cry….already doing that on my own.


5 thoughts on “going cold turkey

  1. I don’t judge you. You’ve tried your best. Obviously something is out of balance. And when mom is not happy no one is right? The next few nights I imagine will be torture, but hopefully you with come out on the other side a rest mommy.

    I’m cheering for you!

  2. Amy

    Don’t be so hard on yourself honey girl! It’s SO hard to let them cry, even if it’s the best thing for everyone. These are just habits, and habits can be changed, though of course it’s going to take work. But once you get through a couple of nights, Sophia will probably settle into a nice little routine. And most importantly, agreeing with Trinka, Sophia will be fine no matter how long she has to cry to understand what the rules are. It’s for her own good, definitely for yours. Just remember, you’re the parent, and what you say goes!

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