Pillow Tutorial Update

Okay, so here are a few answers to the questions asked.  I’m not going to add to the previous post because it was trying my patience as it was with the long delays…

Here are photos of the back side of the finished pillows – one with ties and one without:

It makes sense people might want to see the back of the pillow – sorry for not including it before!

The fabric for these pillows was originally found at SAS (or at least, a small portion of it was found there – which is the usual case).  The majority of the fabric was bought at a local quilt shop – the Quilt Basket on Tanque Verde.  They call themselves “Tucson’s friendliest quilt store” and I gotta say, they are.  They are always friendly and interesting in what you’re working on, even if it’s not a quilt.  They mostly carry fabrics that the older quilting generation likes, but they do have some more modern prints, which is why I shop there.

This tutorial was a new experience for me, so I hope you enjoyed it!


You may have noticed I’m trying out a few new looks for this blog.  Still haven’t found one I really like, so expect to see a few more changes!

And something of Sophia: My mom brought her this tent this weekend and I went to get inside of it last night (to hide) – and out shot panda through the tunnel directly into Sophia’s arms! She loved it!

Here she is playing inside of our girls only tent:


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