KCW Challenge

It’s been a tough week to do much of anything.  Sleepless nights via Sophia, early mornings in part from taking a neighbor to the hospital for surgery (at 5 am!!!) and then of course Sophia waking early – all of this has made it challenging for me to participate in Kids Clothing Week Challenge.  I have been exhausted. More than usual.  I realized that I’m only averaging six hours of sleep a night (if that, pointed out to me by my doctor, pondering my haggard look  of puffy eyes and dark shadows beneath my eyes) before being interrupted by Sophia during the night.  And it takes some time to get back to sleep…before I’m likely to be interrupted again.  And poor Sophia.  She’s teething so badly right now – one molar is almost all the way up and several more are making their way painfully through her gums. We doing all kinds of tricks to help…but nothing is really working well. I’m willing to consider trying anything (anything that has been recommended by our doctor or other parents) at this point.

Yup, it’s been a great week for sewing.  Or doing much of anything that requires my brain to function. But I’m trying to play along, even if I went to bed a half hour after Sophia Monday night. Which makes that 8:00 pm.   And last night*, I was up very late working on work deadlines (*which means I missed the premiere of Glee) … and Sophia was up between 1-2 am…

So, to make up for my lack of playing along on Monday, I managed to squeeze an hour of sewing in during a nap before having to leave for work on Tuesday.  And I almost finished a dress.  It just needs a button.  Which is pretty darn close to finishing it, I think.

It’s the Simple Dress from Simple Sewing.  I used the green corduroy fabric Antje sent to me.  I made the dress length a couple more inches longer.  I used bias tape (skinny bias tape at that! no cursing was involved for once) to line the back opening, the arm holes and the neckline. I also used the bias tape to make the loop for the button that has yet to be sewn on the dress.

This dress lives up to its name.  I didn’t even look at the directions once.  Of course, it helps that I’ve made it before, but I did tweak it a bit this time. I’ve paired the dress with a long sleeve pink shirt I found at the thrift store for this very purpose for $1.00.  I didn’t have to by anything to make this dress – I used everything I already had.

we bribe her with things to stand still, like sunglasses or other things she normally isn't allowed to play with...hey, it works!

Except that button.  I know I have a pink button somewhere, so I’m going to keep looking for it. I’m not buying one when I know I have one. Somewhere. I just don’t have a  lot of  buttons, something I’d like to rectify soon.

A couple of pairs of Simple Pants from the same book were also made…they only take about 25 minutes, so it was easy to crank them out when I got home early today…the benefits of cutting everything out one night.

Sophia LOVES to model for me…the trick is keeping her still long enough to take a photo.

Anyhooo – I’ve made a few things on my to-do list.    Here’s hoping more gets accomplished and more sleep is found. Going to bed shortly…yes, I know it’s 7:30 pm…oh well!


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