kids clothes week challenge

I’m participating in Kids Clothes Week Challenge, hosted by Elsie Marley.  I needed to make a few more baby gifts and some winter dresses for Sophia (among my many planned projects). This challenge is the perfect opportunity to get a few items off my list.

Here’s what I’m hoping to accomplish a bit of this week:

Fleece hats for two new-yet-to-be born babies, one already born baby, and Sophia:

Some coordinating fleece pants:

A jumper with a pink lining (not shown) in this brown corduroy fabric:

The pattern for the jumper is below, but I think I may deviate from it:

And a winter dress in this green corduroy fabric, using the Simple Dress pattern from Simple Sewing (but extending the length a few more inches):

Let’s hope I can get some of these sewing projects done this week!  Jon’s out-of-town for the week, so there will be much sewing after Sophia goes to bed.

And speaking of Sophia:

someone loves peanut butter...


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