I love Halloween.  Just love dressing up and pretending to be someone else.  Especially the dressing up part.  Last year, you might recall that Sophia was a hippy flower child (well, she was only three months old and didn’t get to act too hippy-ish!)  This year we’re going to have fun planning her costume because…

We’re hosting a Halloween Play date!  In other words, we’re having a Halloween costume party!!!!!  It’s really for the kids (umm, ya, for the kids, but I’m going to encourage parents to dress up as well – that way I’m not the only adult in costume).  And I get to really decorate the house!  Inside and Outside!!!!  Yea!!!!!!  Ok, so right now Momma is probably more excited than anyone, but just you wait.

I want to make Sophia’s costume – but what should she be?  Would you help me decide????

Sophia would be really cute as an owl.

But the mask wouldn’t work well with Sophia, so I’d have to fashion some sort of owl headgear instead.  Which would be very fun to figure out…

Or a woodland creature:

Again, I like the owl idea (different costume indeed), but the mushroom is very cute.

Or how about a fairy?  I found some cool tutorials for making fairy wings.

Or a lady bug? Or a bee?

I liked the idea of Red Riding Hood, with Lucy being the Big Bad Wolf in Grandma’s clothes, but I think we might leave this idea until next year when Sophia does trick or treating…and Lucy can go along.

Can you help me decide???


2 thoughts on “Halloween

  1. Trinka

    I love that owl costume! Lex is going to be a lady bug this year… I knew there was no way I could even begin to try and make her costume this year, so I had to go ahead and buy one :P.

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