museum dress failure

After making Anna Maria Horner’s museum dress, I really wanted to make another one.  I liked Rhea’s idea of addition a swath of fabric down the center of the dress, just to give a bit more room and color.  I decided to go use some of the fabric I found on one of my SAS trips.

That’s were I went wrong.  I choose fabric that was quite a bit more stiff and just doesn’t drape nicely.  It’s pretty and would have made a nice dress, but just not in this case.

But, I did learn quite a bit when making this dress (in fact, I actually read the directions a bit closer). The key item: using elastic – NOT elastic thread!  Wow – what a difference! The waist area just smocked right up, as opposed to my usual failed attempts with smocking.  There is a waist there!

Only, I didn’t draw straight lines on the inside of the dress like I should have and the elastic kinda goes wonky every which way all around the dress. I could use the excuse that I’ve never really used elastic much before, but I know better.  Next time: draw those darn lines! And maybe only do one line of elastic before trying it on and then look in the mirror to decide if I need to add more.

I also think I made the fabric swath down the middle far too wide.  It makes the neck and shoulder area look line a linebacker.   I like the square neckline, but this is too much.

I had to take the shoulders in quite a bit – something like four inches or more.  And then those unmentionables were still showing, so I did some creative sewing to try to hide them…and now the shoulders look a bit ruffly. Oh well.

I made the side slits just like last time. This is one feature I really like, but I think next time I’d do it only on one side.

So, I can use any fabric to make a museum tunic dress, but next time I should use one with more “drape”,  preferable one that is a bit more light-weight and not so stiff.  It was fun to make this dress and it might become a house dress or just end up in the costume box.  We’ll see.


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