visions of pink

I’m not exactly sure why, but all I see is pink.  Totally not my favorite color (it’s just a bit girly).  Which is fine, but…well, I was the one complaining after we had Sophia that everything for girls was PINK.  Well, I have come around to the fact that little girls just look so sweet in pink.

But. There are MANY other lovely colors.  And yet, pink is everywhere in my projects lately.

Pink bloomers:

This pattern is from Weekend Sewing, which didn’t quite turn out the way I had hoped. In fact, they look like shorts.

And bloomers from Simple Sewing for Baby, which worked out very well. But now I’ve found another bloomer pattern here at MADE…hmmm…what do call it when you want to do a bake-off, sewing style?

blurry photo - baby in motion!

And then the museum dress I decided to make from non-Anna Maria Horner fabric, just to see if I could replicate the museum tunic pattern with other material…

The answer is yes, but…I chose material that doesn’t drape well. Oh well.

And the baby girl quilt that is almost finished…only the binding left to complete…

I’ll post more soon on all of these project, but I wanted to give you a glimpse through my pink (rose?) colored glasses.

Yup, even my toes are pink…


One thought on “visions of pink

  1. Trinka

    I was the same way before Lex was born… no pink!!! Now, I find myself buying pink for her all the time :). It’s just so sweet on little girls!

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