labors of labor day weekend

Much relaxing and creating occurred over labor day weekend.  Here is one of the sewing projects that I worked on.

The third pillowcase dress.  Yes, a third one, because I just didn’t get it right. I selected my fabric and then couldn’t find my pattern!  I decided to just wing it, using the measurements that did work between the first and second dresses.

I used the same Prudent Baby trick with the armhole using single fold bias tape, even though I didn’t quite have enough to go to the top of the fabric.  I figured the extra bias tape always made the top part thicker anyway.

I cut two pieces of my nice brown ribbon. After threading the ribbon through the back, I then scrunched the fabric and sewed the ribbon to the fabric, so that little hands couldn’t get busy and pull the ribbon from the dress.  I repeated this with the front.

The final measurements were eight inches across the top, twenty-one inches across the bottom, six inched down and one and half inches in width for the armhole. The dress is still A-line, but it drapes nicely.

After getting Sophia in the dress, I made a knot of the ribbon and then made a pretty little bow.  Success! Sophia rather likes it too!


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