more art smocks

I think I have this pattern down now.  I’ve used the pattern found in this book, but made several tweaks and size changes.  The biggest change is to use far less bias tape than called for in the pattern.

Here is Xander’s art smock.  He selected the colors (purple and green) and even picked out this particular purple print.  I had to make this smock much larger than the one for Zuzu to cover his clothes entirely.  I used bias tape sparingly, but thought I could get by with even less.  Don’t get me wrong – I love bias tape.  I just tried to use less of it – and only where it was really needed.

I’m not too happy with how the side panel doesn’t line up with the front pocket here.  I tried to make hems everywhere I could to avoid using bias tape to cover raw edges…

I ended up using bias tape only around the neck…but I did something a bit different here.  I only had single fold bias tape instead of double (this, after my careful shopping excursion to make sure I had matching thread and bias tape – curses!)  So, I decided to use a little trick I picked up from making Sophia’s pillowcase dress when lining the underarm area.  I went ahead with the single fold and sewed right sides together – sewing only one of the folds of the bias tape.  I’m sure this makes no sense, but if you take a look at what Prudent Baby did – you’ll understand better.  She took pictures that really illustrate what I’m attempting to say.  Anyways, I really like the look of limited bias tape here.

So, then on to Liam’s art smock.  Liam will be two years old soon and I wanted to get his smock finished before his birthday. I asked his dads what color and they suggested blue.

Again, I made hems everywhere I could to avoid unnecessary use of bias tape.  Then I found out I couldn’t find the blue bias tape I had bought anywhere, probably thanks to my little helper who really loves the packages that bias tape comes in…I’m sure someday I’ll find the package in the playroom.  So, I had to make a folded hem for the neck line instead of the coordinating bias tape I had planned. I jazzed it up a bit with a zigzag stitch. The side panel lines up perfectly with the front pocket. Well, the pattern doesn’t line up, but the hems sure do.

I ended up using a small piece of light blue bias tape to make a button hole.  I still need to get buttons for both of these art smocks, but otherwise they’re all done. I’m happy with the way both turned out – and even happier I didn’t need to use two packages of bias tape for each art smock as called for in the pattern. I have one more art smock to make, but it’s going to be a Christmas gift. So, I can take a break from the art smocks for bit.

I have several projects in the works and then I just got this book in the mail.

After devouring the book and the beautiful photos  inside, I’ve already picked out several of the toys destined to become Christmas gifts for some lucky little ones.  But before that, I have a quilt or two to finish making and more dresses for Sophia and myself to make too…


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