strawberry-fig jam

I finally found some more figs at costco of all places.  I was shopping there for the dinner party we held the other night and saw figs.  Visions of figs and creamy goat cheese with honey were dancing in my head…and then I thought about strawberry-fig jam! I grabbed four pounds (two for jam and two for the party) and away I went!

It is so simple to make jam, it’s ridiculous.  I trimmed up the figs and strawberries one afternoon while preparing dinner. The next day, during Sophia’s nap, I pureed the fruits and put them in a pot to bring them to a gentle boil.

While I was waiting on the jam, I worked on Sophia’s pillowcase dress.  I added the water, lemon juice, sugar and pectin according to these directions. I added a little bit more sugar (1/2 cup), since I tasted the blueberry jam and had wished it was a tad sweeter.  Not that I like sweet jam, but a little bit more would have been perfection.  After boiling for the correct amount of time – I tasted the jam and decided it was time to can.  I loaded up fourteen half pint jars that had been sterilized in the dishwasher – and put them in the water bath for 5-10 minutes.

By the time Sophia was up, the jars were filled with jam and just going through their water bath.  The sound of little pings! echoed through the kitchen.  What a lovely way to preserve the tastes of summer. And not to be immodest, but this is the best jam I have made yet.  The best.  Period. And the final cost per jar is just over two dollars.  I’ve continued to use the enormous amounts lemon juice and sugar I bought from the first jam making session (again, costco) and I doubled up the pectin this time.  Not bad at all…

these beauties are going to be fought over!

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