more of jon’s office

So, I was thinking the other day that there was something lacking in Jon’s new office.

It’s glaringly obvious to me…any guesses?

No, not another cat bed Panda! You already have one.  And a whole bed.  You don’t need another.

Yes – curtains! Unfortunately, Jon really likes the bright light, which he had in the arizona room before it became the playroom.  However, I thought I could make a compromise we both could love with.  With fabric found during this trip, I quickly made a pair of curtains. If Trinka scans in the window tutorial I sent her, we’d have instructions.  If not, no worries! I think people would find it hard to read my chicken scratch anyway!

Sheer and white, allowing light to come streaming through!  I hope he likes it! And when anyone stays over, they can shut the dainty curtains and pull down the blackout blind for complete darkness.


One thought on “more of jon’s office

  1. twadamson

    Hey, do you want me to scan the curtain notes you sent along with Lex’s b-day gift? I haven’t gotten the fabric yet for her curtains, but I can post those notes along with a pic of the fabric once I get started. Also, did you say you got the blackout shades at Walmart? I can’t find them on their website. Thanks again!

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