back patio – phase two

Now that the chairs and cushions are mostly completed (with the exception of the one chair!), it’s time to make some shade.  Our neighbors up the road have this shade structure with four metal posts and two triangle pieces of shade cloth. After walking by many times, I finally went up and knocked on the door to get the name of who made the metal posts.  Our neighbors are very nice people (especially when answering the door on Sunday evening to talk to some crazy lady from down the road with a kid and a dog) and the posts were made by a local guy whose business is Kustom Steel. He came out to give us and estimate and promised delivery of the posts, installed, in one week.

Well, two days before delivery, Jon and I got to thinking that the shade cloth I was sewing was going to be pretty heavy and the posts probably would need to be taller to compensate for the sagging.  It was a bit late (the posts were already made and in the truck), but the guy was pretty nice about helping us out and not charging us much more to increase the height two feet to a total of twelve feet.  Thank goodness!

two poles!

The poles were installed Saturday morning.  Gil brought his two sons to help with the installation – such polite boys! The hole digging was simplified through the use of a jackhammer and some post hole diggers.  I wish I had a jackhammer… After mixing some concrete and after making sure the poles were leveled – we have posts for our shade canopy! These posts will turn a nice rust color – which will be very pretty!

The shade canopy:

All week I worked on sewing 6′ by 24′ blocks together to make our shade canopy. The final size was roughly 24′ by 24′.  Jon and I put installed some grommets and tested out the canopy.  It was going to sag and, even worse, the canopy was tearing.  Down came the canopy, and we had to do some thinking.  We decided to create leather patches on either side of the canopy where all the grommets were going to be located.  Additionally, to combat the sagging, we made the canopy a bit smaller so it would be pulled taut.  The problem was, we had to guess a bit at the locations of some grommets and the final size.  Luckily, it all worked out.  The leather patches seems to be working great – we had a small storm the other night and everything held up fine. After installing all the eye hooks and attaching the grommets to the eye hooks, we have ourselves a shade canopy!

jon calls the shade covered back patio his "great room"

You can see the completely finished back patio beautification  project this coming weekend, once all the last details are done.


3 thoughts on “back patio – phase two

  1. twadamson

    Holy cow, I can’t believe you sewed that big thing! Nice job! I’d be scared out of my mind to attempt something like that :).

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