jon needs a new office space…

Poor Jon.  Every since Sophia moved into her playroom that shares space with his home office, well, let’s say there have been some conflicts. Like noise.  Case in point: one morning, Sophia was banging her plastic gardening trowel on the door threshold between the living room and the arizona room, right by Daddy’s desk.  Daddy was going to stay home and work the other day, but decided he needed to concentrate and went to work.  What a bummer.

So, Daddy needs a new space.  Since we aren’t planning on building the future guesthouse and office space (aka the light-filled man retreat) in the far back of the yard anytime soon…something needed to give.  It’s not fair that Momma has her office in the library right next to the playroom and that I can close the glass door if needed.  But noise doesn’t bother Momma.  Momma has an amazing ability to zone out – it’s a gift.

The only room left is the guest room/sewing room (or where all the sewing stuff is stored). Enter problem number one.  We need to move queen-size bed out of the guest room and replace it withe the twin-sized trundle bed stored in my shed.  (Yes, we have individual sheds – and Lucy even has one named after her – shed #3). )No problem, except that shed is stuffed with baby stuff, gardening equipment, and a large shelving unit – behind all of this is where the twin-bed is stored.  After moving the shelving unit, and moving almost all of the boxes out, we have room to store the queen bed. I just have to get everything back inside the shed…which hasn’t happened yet. But only because I’ve been  moving furniture around.

Problem number two: all the bolts and screws for the twin-sized trundle bed have vanished and aren’t found anywhere inside Jon’s  shed.   So, I had to take one side of the bed to the hardware store to get bolts and screws… Luckily, I guessed right on the size and type that fit the back of the bed.

looking into the room

the bed, with sewing gear stored on shelves above
the desk with new cat pillow cover on filing cabinet

The office space is mostly all set to go.  The curtains, though horrible ugly, (it was the only fabric I had at the time when curtains were desperately needed) can be updated soon.  The cats even got a new pillow cover update – using some Amy Butler fabric scraps I had.  I do need to find a twin-sized mattress cover at the thrift store for this bed, but there’s no rush.

The playroom now:

where's daddy's desk? it is outside?

Problem number three: trying to figure out where to put all the extra furniture! I thought I could make this area into a sitting spot, using an extra chair from the guest room and Sophia’s poang chair.  But  she’s still not ready for it yet…

I ended up moving this chair into the living room by the fireplace.  I really like this chair and don’t want to get rid of it!  I’d like to move the daybed into this nook, but first we need to install film on three large windows that look into the living room to keep the glass together should they ever shatter…like if a truck or toy is thrown at the windows… not that our kid throws things, no.  In case the dog does. You know, to play chase. By herself.

I’d like to bring in the easel and art area idea I discussed here, but Sophia is still a little ways off from using it.  Though, she LOVES to wear the practice art smock all around the house.  If she sees it, she has to be wearing it! But maybe once I get the window film project finished, I’ll go ahead and make an art area.

But before I can do that, I need to finish the backyard beautification project!  One week to go! And I’m changing the focus to back patio beautification project. The entire backyard would be impossible until one of those HGTV crews came by…and it’s looking less likely as the days go on.  Who in their right mind would want to do yard work in August in Tucson?


3 thoughts on “jon needs a new office space…

  1. Looks like you have your work cut out for you! I too have a zillion projects on the to do list. Now that my mom’s in town I think they will actually get done. I’m looking forward to all your progress reports.

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