tea cup month

I stumbled over to luv in the mommyhood and saw that August is Tea Cup Month! How exciting! I just had to participate. Although, the month is nearly gone and I didn’t do the post! Oh well!

Anyone who knows me knows I love my tea, my tea pots, and my tea cups. Here are a few of my favorites! My morning tea routine – Blue Flower Earl Grey from Tealuxe in this lovely anniversary teapot with this cup I found in at a sale in the middle of nowhere Maine a few years ago.  Sadly, I only have one of these cups now, as the other was broken. I won’t mention which husband of mine broke it…

The teapot doesn’t hold much tea – only about 24 ounces – and it’s helped me cut back on the amount of tea I drink. Although, some mornings I have to have two pots… The cup is also proportionally smaller, to prolong the tea drinking experience.  A regular sized cup would result in two cups only – not enough to satisfy…but using the smaller cup makes it seem like there is more tea.

There’s another tea I like to drink in the morning, but only in fall and winter – when it’s cold outside.  I like to call it Germany Grandma tea, because Antje introduced it to me (she drank it with her Germany Grandma in Germany).  I actually had my brother and his girlfriend (they live in Germany) track it down for me and they sent me something like 20 boxes of it.  Now I’m all set!

I like to use this cat cup for tea in the afternoon. I’ve been stuck on blackberry sage black tea or cranberry-blood orange black tea…but not hot during the summer. I make a batch and put it in the fridge.

I tend to use this cup more in the wintertime.  No idea why…

This tea cup is a hand-me-down from Anne-Marie – and I have two of them.  I like to use this one anytime of the year – it’s so pretty and handmade. It’s cozy. It has thumb rests or grooves in the handle.  Quite lovely.

And finally, here’s a link to the tea cosy I made for Anne-Marie.  I also made one in a fun orange color for Antje, but can’t find any pictures of it.

What’s your tea routine? Do you have a favorite cup? Leave a link in the comments…


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