handmade holidays

I find we spend more and more each year on the holidays. Is it really necessary?  Is it worth it? I was thinking that this year I would try something different, knowing not everyone will understand or like the results. I’ve decided to made gifts – handmade gifts for those I love and want to share thanks with.  I know there will be those that will get “real gifts” instead of my handmade items – that’s just how it is.  But I’m going to try to limit those – and I have a ton of ideas about what to make for people.  I do realize my handmade gifts are not necessarily spectacular to those other than Sophia, Jon, and few other kind people.  But, I’m going to do it anyways…so stay tuned for the results! I do have to use up all those labels somehow…

This is one reason why I’m making so much jam lately.  One, it tastes divine.  Really, it does. Amy and I ate some off the spoon today.  Oh my goodness!  Yummy!!!!  Two, it’s something I took the time to make, thinking about how I can’t wait for others to enjoy this yummy goodness.  Third, well, do I really need another reason???

Amy and I made over twenty-four half pints of blueberry jam today (again, I ran out of jars and had to use one really big jar and one very small jar found hidden in the closet).  The kids played, we talked about everything – and we made jam.  It’s so easy – and we all had a great time.  Who wouldn’t want these fruits of our labor? A little jam on homemade bread or some english muffins and then a bit of summer sunshine comes and lands on your palette…in the middle of winter or spring, reminding you of summer.  A pretty nice gift indeed…

And here’s a super cute hammy smile to brighten your day – maybe I ought to put her photo on my labels instead???

And today’s group for good measure:

I think we’re going to try to do another canning play date in September – maybe making Amy’s pear butter this time.  I do plan on making more apple filling & apple butter after we go pick apples in September as well.


One thought on “handmade holidays

  1. Amy

    It was fun and delicious, and I agree, who wouldn’t want that taste of summer come December? I have some ideas for cookie dough we can make in advance, freeze, and then defrost and bake for holiday gifts too…

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