zuzu’s art smock

Another art smock has been made, using this book as a guide.  I’m still not satisfied with the design changes I’ve made, but it is a colorful smock!  Zuzu’s sixth birthday is this weekend and I wanted to finish it in time. She also needed an art smock for kindergarten this year, which begins next month!

Zuzu loves pink, which drove the color selection here.  I added the green because pink and green are a great combination (or pink and brown). I used three different fabrics from my stash (I don’t recall where I bought them).  I only had to buy matching thread and bias tape.  I still think there is too much bias tape in this project.  I didn’t use bias tape on the pocket or the top of the side fabric, but I need to cut even more extra fabric for this side next time for top and bottom seams.

I didn’t make long ties from the bias tape like last time, but instead used a pink button and made a small loop out of the bias tape.  I think this looks better and she can put the smock on without adult help (as long as the button is already inside the loop – or even if it’s not, she could manage it on her own).

There are still more changes to be made – and luckily, I have more people to make these smocks for! Xander, Milo, and Liam are all going to get a smock – so, I’ll eventually figure out a good pattern that satisfies me.  Eventually…


2 thoughts on “zuzu’s art smock

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