playroom ideas

After making some room for a small playroom for Sophia, I’ve come across ideas I want to incorporate somehow.  Like building a play kitchen from less than $50worth of Ikea stuff from ohdeedoh:

Or one of these wall decal from wall decor at etsy (you pick the colors):

my favorite one

I like the idea taking our bookcase and making it a front facing bookcase using crown modeling, also from ohdeedoh:

This idea is particularly nice because Sophia would be able to see book covers and grab books based on that, rather than trying to find books by reading the titles on the spine.  Not that Sophia is reading yet, but…

I have an easel we used to list the menu at our wedding that will be added to the playroom when she begins art projects (and her smock is finished!) I’m also on the lookout for a nice set of wooden table & chairs for art projects.  I passed up a nice set at the thrift store for $12 and have been kicking myself since.  I just didn’t have room in the car at the time.  Note to self: always find a way to make room – like using the roof – that’s why there’s rope. We do have a small table in there now that could double as an art table; it just needs chairs.

We’re added Sophia’s foam cushions, but I’d like to make more.  A friend has a source for cushions tossed out by the Arizona Congress, as they redecorate every six months (which explains why our schools have no money).  I got my hands this weekend on one of them:

Jon selected the fabric from my stash and this was the result – a nice cushion with a new cover made in about fifteen minutes. Sophia loves to sit on it or bounce up and down.  I also like to sit there while we play.  I can’t wait to get more of them!


2 thoughts on “playroom ideas

  1. I really want to make some cushions for our Sofia’s room. I wanted to actually make a pillow corner where hopefully she could go and take a nap when she gets tired. You’ll have to give me some pointers on cushion making.

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