monday morning

This morning, we woke up after a gentle rain storm that lasted most of the evening.  The air was fresh, crisp, with a bit of a chill in the air. It was so beautiful – making me long for fall. I am just getting tired of this endless heat.  Normally, I can have no problem with the heat, but this year – it’s really getting to me.  Maybe it’s because the monsoon rains have been very poor. All I can think about is cool night, warm dinners, and soft blankets to cuddle under…but when it’s 100 + degrees outside, I think I must be insane.  So, instead I try to plan light summery meals and stay cool. This morning has been a nice reprieve – and a hint of what’s to come, in a few months…

Sophia and I hung out on the patio this morning, me with my tea and her just exploring everywhere.  I think we were both just happy to have some cooler weather…

Here are a couple of videos:


One thought on “monday morning

  1. Look at her go! She really has perfected her walking skills. You must just have a ball watching her walk all over the place. Funny how something so mundane as walking can be so exciting!

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