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Yes, all I seem to be doing these days (other than making jam and playing with Sophia – who is walking around the house on her own a bit!!!!), is sewing. At the jam jam, I offered to make Zuzu, Milo, and Xander some art smocks (Zuzu needs one for school & it’s a birthday present for Zuzu and Milo).  So, after everyone left and during Sophia’s nap, I made a test art smock from One Yard Wonders. This is a great book for making lots of cute things from not a lot of fabric.  And didn’t I mention this art smock as a project idea back in April?

It is definitely a test smock, because the pattern has some issues with it, like front, side, and back parts do not line up properly (they have curves?) and then are covered with bias tape to hide this fact?? I will tweak the pattern and get it to work out well.  My test pattern was made with fabric and bias tape I had around and next time I will absolutely use thread to match the bias tape.  I just wanted to make something so I could get a feel for the sizing for kids of different sizes.

The smock is a bit on the large side, which is nice when making it for lots of kids.  However, with the bias tape ties in the back, it’s not something kids can easily get on and off themselves… Something to consider when revising the pattern.  I’d like for them to be able to pull it on and off on their own, without adult help. And this pattern used a TON of bias tape…two packages!

My tester had a great time walking and testing out the smock.  She did manage to take it on and off on her own, but the tie was already tied…and it is a bit large.  I sewed the pocket in a contrasting fabric for fun and only made two pockets.  The pattern called for making several  – and small enough to fit only a paint brush or something.  I think larger pockets would work better – say maybe three.  We’ll see what I come up with! I need to pick up a few more yards of fabric and then I can sew sew sew!

On other sewing fronts, I finished Jon’s chair cover – and Sophia helped me.  She actually sat on my lap and helped me sew, for a short bit.  It was an easy straight line, so no danger was involved.  And the iron was not out either.  I think it’s important for her to see and experience in a safe manner what I’m doing over there!

We have some backyard projects lined up that need to begin soon – repainting a couple of chairs and new cushions.  We are hosting a party for all of Jon’s new students soon and I’d like to have some of these items finished.  We have some nice guys coming Friday to pull all the weeds and shrubs in the backyard as part of Jon’s big backyard beautification project.  We’re also looking to having a shade structure made (part by this steel guy and part by me, sewing-wise) to provide more shade on that back patio by the grill.  It’s a great space that is so underused when it’s hot out.  Maybe by adding shade, nicer seating, and some additional potted plants (in addition to the cactus garden already there) – we can make it a better utilized space. We’ll see what we can accomplish in a couple of weeks.

One note: I am grateful to my dad for fixing my retractable clothesline on this patio – thanks Dad!


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