a new sewing book…

I was at the bookstore looking to pick up a gift for a friend who will be making curtains soon and they were out of the book I wanted to get for her (so I had to order it online).  But I did see this book: Sew Serendipity: Fresh and Pretty Designs to Make and Wear…and really wanted to get it.  But sadly, I didn’t. Maybe next time…

This book is by Kay Whitt, who is a pattern designer and she has her own site here. What interests me about this book, other than the beautiful photography, which is what always grabs me first, is that she shows you how to adjust any pattern to fit you and your body type.  This is exactly what I’m looking for – and need to learn how to do.   It also helps that her patterns are super cute and funky – and the models in her book look like real people you’d like to hang out with. So, this book goes on the list of future books to get someday.  Sadly, the library does not carry it, but then again, they usually don’t carry books with patterns.


One thought on “a new sewing book…

  1. twadamson

    You silly lady, you don’t have to get me a book! I’m so scared about this whole thing… my mom gave me her sewing machine a couple of years ago, but I’ve only used it once for something fairly simple. If I have to do any sewing I do my hardest to just do it by hand! I need to do some exploring of fabric stores in the area too. There HAVE to be some cool fabric stores in Los Angeles, but I don’t even know where to begin. Have you ever done anything with that darkout fabric? It’s really thick, but I’m hoping not too thick to use my sewing machine.

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