other weekend sewing here

After the disappointment that was that dress, I went on to a birthday present project for a little girl who’s turning one year soon.  I used the same pattern as the dress I made for Sophia’s first birthday (from Weekend Sewing again, what a great book!) – and this dress turned out even better.  I got really confused on the same part as last time so, I made my own drawing in the book to help me out for next time. Jon picked out the fabric for this dress.

I used a bit of advice from Antje on the whole basting thing – basically, don’t do it!  Just make pleats.  And it worked out so much better.  I also chose not to make straps. Making straps sucks.  Big time. Even with a loop turner.  Instead, a little bit of bias tape works so much better! I am much more satisfied with the outcome of this dress.  I hope she likes it!

nice pleats

My mom will be happy to hear I finally made some cushions for the wooden dining room chairs. I had ordered fabric some time ago from Alewives and just hadn’t made the cushions.  Maybe because cushions seem like a chore??? Anyways, four chair cushions were made this weekend and sitting at the table is much cushier.  And so is sewing at the table…which makes me wonder why I put this off for so long? I think it’s because one side is hand–sewn. I used more of my trusty bias tape for ties…in a nice green color that compliments the fabric nicely.

I have one more “household” sewing project to go – making one more poang chair cover to match the chair I usually sit in – a matched pair would be nice, I think.  If I have enough fabric left. I have to see.Not that chairs need to match, it’s just I’m a bit tired of two completely different fabrics competing. I have Sophia’s poang chair to make a cover for, but the chair is put away for a bit (she likes to climb it right now), so I think I can put that one off for a bit…

And then, back to clothes! Something simple!


3 thoughts on “other weekend sewing here

  1. Wow, you a quite the seamstress lately. I wish I had all those nap times to sew. I have so many project on the list. At least my mom is coming to town next week and will be able to entertain Sofia for a while and I can sew like a mad woman!

    Love the fabric on that little dress! Loos relatively easy to do!

  2. twadamson

    I love the dress!! Thanks so much!!! The fabric is perfect. Someone actually made her a quilt out of the same fabric before she was born. So, she now has a matching dress :).

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