Kezar River Alpacas

Remember I mentioned we visited an alpaca farm while in Maine?  Well, we meet the owner Stephi at the local farmer’s market and she invited us to take a took of her farm – Kezar River Farm.

Stephi and her family built their farm as a home school project. It just amazes me that they built such a beautiful post and beam and straw bale house and then the barn house (completely off the grid, mind you – installing the solar panels was also a home school project) and have raised such beautiful alpacas.  They’re currently rehabbing a wooden workshop/office space to create a new fiber studio – and they plan on using alpaca fibers for insulation.  Pretty amazing. Some of us all dream of leaving this city lifestyle and making a new life on a farm, raising animals, and living more sustainable.  We try to accomplish this dream, given the limitations we have on space and and what livestock animals we are able to have on our land…and here are some lucky people who have gone and done this.  I know it takes hard work and it probably still is a challenge to make everything work, but what they have accomplished is impressive.

Here are some more great photos from that visit.


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