Last Days of Summer

August.  This month means the beginning of the end of the fun summer times we’ve been having as a family and a return back to work and a set schedule.   Just as we were getting into the swing of relaxing, returning from our many journeys this summer, and beginning to enjoy what is passing for monsoon season here, it’s time to begin thinking about planning the months ahead.  Pause now for a long, deep sigh.

But before I head back, I have several things I want to do in the few weeks remaining. Here’s a short list:

  1. Play as much as I can with Sophia every day.
  2. Enjoy the evenings with Jon, hoping for more monsoon rain.
  3. Make some jam with friends.
  4. Do as much sewing as I can and finish a few more dresses, for me and Sophia.
  5. Begin a workout routine and stick with it.

Numbers 1-2 are easy.  I’m hoping to accomplish #3 next week with some friends. I’m working this week on #4, although I just realized yesterday as I was sitting down to cut out the pattern that I bought the wrong size! So, we have another trip to the fabric store to make this week. Not that there’s any rush to get anything in particular done; it’s not as if I will run out of things I want to make!

And as for #5, well, it’s something I need to do for me.  So, this morning I did one of my yoga tapes and I can’t believe how inflexible I’ve become.  Hopefully doing this tape every morning, along with more walking, and perhaps joining a gym will get me in better shape. I’m just about back to my pre-pregnancy weight, but it’s hard to tell, since my belly is where all the extra fat has relocated.  I just want to be healthier physically.  We eat very well and perhaps should eat a tad less, but I feel like I need to get in better physical shape.  So, #5 is something that will hopefully continue as we reach the end of the summer and throughout the year.

In the meanwhile, Sophia and I are headed out grocery shopping today to pick up some more of summer’s great bounty: tomatoes (which she still loves to suck all the juices out of and then spit out the skins), avocados, corn, watermelon and who knows what else we’ll find.  We’ll make some yummy meals this week and sit out on the porch as much as we can.  And maybe, just maybe, we’ll get some of that promising monsoon rain.


One thought on “Last Days of Summer

  1. A-M

    Hear ye! hear ye! Getting workouts in as a mom is so hard to do or really any time for just yourself where you find motivation to do more than just sleep. BUt I agree it’s SO important. We are currently looking for double joggers so I can try to get back into shape after #2 arrives. The gym’s in this area run several hundred bucks a month so it looks like something I will have to do on my own…sigh…

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