Inspiration and finds at the thrift store

Sophia likes to pull books off their shelves – it’s her new thing.  It doesn’t matter if it’s her books or any books in the library, they’re coming off the shelves! The other day, she pulled off Amy Butler’s Midwest Modern – something I have not looked at in awhile. I put it aside to take another look at later.

My parents can for a visit this weekend and I found my dad checking the book out…so, I sat down and looked at it with him.  We came across these foam cubes and I mentioned I wanted to make some of those for the playroom, for Sophia to use and for me to sit on (pillows just aren’t cutting it, not after hurting my tailbone by falling down a flight of stairs at the lake house in Maine in the middle of the night – darn carpeted stairs!) I even had some leftover fabric by Amy Butler after making Sedona’s quilt that I could use…if only I could find some foam cubes.


Foam costs quite a bit, as I found out fixing up the airstream and making new bed cushions.  Antje had a ton of foam pads as a kid and she told me how much fun she had making forts and playing with those fabric covered foam pads as a kid.  I knew I wanted to make some for Sophia…but didn’t want to spend a fortune in foam.

Hmmm….well, Mom and I both had 30% coupons for Savers, so while we were waiting for the fabric store to open up, we took a slight detour.  In addition to finding some cool patterns, toys and some dresses for Sophia…we also found some foam cubes!  All these needed was some new fabric! Mom and Sophia played with her new toys while I sewed the new foam fabric cushions!  Dad and Jon were working on the clothesline project and the bathroom sink & shower head project.

What a hit! Sophia likes them quite a bit! The sewing couldn’t have been any simpler, just cut six squares and sew together.  The top piece had to be partially hand sewn, which took a bit of time compared to machine sewing. I made the first cube squares a bit too big, mostly because I’m always afraid I’m going to cut the fabric too small and then where would I be?  I gave Jon four fabric choices and these are what he chose.   I’m sure he would have liked something with less pink, but thems the choices.

We had a great visit with Gram and Papa.  Sophia had tons of playing with both of them…

lazy dogs

We took some videos of Sophia taking steps, so I’ll work on getting those uploaded soon.  The fig gelato was very good; today I’m going to make blueberry.  And then it’s time to begin the new sewing projects!   I found a dress pattern by Amy Butler that just might work for my new fabrics!


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