Museum Tunic Dress

I made a new dress today during Sophia’s nap – it’s Anna-Maria Horner’s Museum Dress. The fabric arrived the day before we left on our big east coast trip, so I knew I’d have to wait until we returned (and those darn chair cushions got sewn) to make it.

I chose a very colorful version of the fabric and thought I might want to add some extra fabric like Rhea did, but I didn’t have anything here that would work.  I know my mom will reading this and think, yeah right – I’ve seen your wall of fabric in the guest room.  But really, I have nothing as like this fabric, so I made do without.

Next time I plan on using a bit of extra fabric for a bit more room.  I modified the pattern a bit, by not sewing the side seams all the way…to make room for walking and chasing Sophia. I even did the smocking part underneath the bust, even though it NEVER works right for me.  And still didn’t shrink up right, but it’s a bit better than it was before…

I think it really accentuates my belly (which is on its way out…with any luck) and makes me look pregnant… oh well.  It’s comfy. And it’s so sheer, I have to wear a slip with it, with is both good and bad (good = very light weight; bad = have to wear one more item of clothing…) But it is colorful, which is nice.

And with that winning endorsement, I give you the Museum Tunic Dress:

note to self: do not have husband take photo from a seated position; his view is directly at belly level

And now for some Sophia fun: She’s been taking some steps, not more than 2 steps at a time, but it is very encouraging. And she’s climbing everything that stands still long enough…which is less exciting (for me). I can just see even more bruises and falls in my future…

We’re making fig gelato this evening – the liquid mixture is in the fridge cooling and I will put it into the ice cream maker shortly! I’ve used my basic gelato recipe, omitting the vanilla and added 12 ripe blended figs.  I blended the figs in a food processor, then added it to everything else. Taste your fruit before making, because you may be able to reduce the amount of sugar…

Yummy! Grilled pork chops, peach and pepper salsa, roasted herby potatoes and a yummy green salad!  What a feast!  And no, we normally don’t eat that much food at once, the salsa is an experiment (from BBC Good Foods, but not showing up on their website for some reason) left over from last night and my parents are arriving for the weekend soon.  So, small portions means we can have more options!


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