Sophia turns one year old!

Yes, I do realize that Sophia turned one year old almost two weeks ago, but we were out-of-town!  And then there was the posting needed about our trip, highlighting her many birthday celebrations.  So it seems almost superfluous to mention that she turned one…and then I decided that it’s my blog and I can do whatever I want.  Also, coming soon, the never-before-published post about Sophia’s birth!  That’s right, her birth story!

Sophia likes to crawl out to the ceramic cat by the saguaro, where she sits, signs "cat" to us, and pets the cat.

Here are her one year examination notes:

Weight: 23 pounds (75%)

Height: 31 1’8 inches tall (> 95% percentile)

She had five vaccines (!!!) at the appointment and goes back for another checkup at fifteen months!  She’s quite a tall girl and well proportioned.  She seems to understand more and more every day.  It’s pretty amazing to watch her.  We’re going to add a few more signs to the mix  (just added a modified sign for “nap” – the all important sign!).  Her sleep schedule is back to where we were before vacation (waking only once at night, thankfully) and hopefully soon we won’t have any nighttime waking. She’s started to drink a combination of whole milk  and formula and we’re working on weaning off formula entirely.

a birthday gift from uncle james & auntie karima in germany

She loves to play in her new playroom and pulls all the books off the shelf every morning (for me to read to her!) It will never look this neat & clean again…

sophia's playroom

There’s a different rug in there now, but you can see the general layout.  I had to remove her poang chair because she just likes to climb it right now, rather than sit in it. Lucy’s toys are at the other end of the room, but she brings them over to share with Sophia.

We’ve been doing a bit of work at the house since we’ve returned.  I pulled LOTS of wildflower weeds in the back yard.  Jon has trimmed a couple of trees that needed trimming. All fof which is now piled in the front driveway, blocking access to the carport.  We’re working on borrowing a trailer to haul it all away.

We had the drywall damaged repaired from the cooler leak and I repainted everything.  I recovered two chair cushions on the front porch.  I wrapped them in batting, sewed the new covers, and spent hours making the 12 straps needed to secure them to the chair.  Sophia had some fun testing the cushions out, which means I’ll need to make her some for her playroom.

But it looks nice out there now (I also rearranged the furniture a bit). Now we have a couple of  well-defined nooks for sitting and eating and playing.

And finally, one last note about Maine.  My wonderful sous chef Kathryn has not yet harassed me to get the recipes we made in Maine up on the blog yet, probably because she’s back in Maine visiting family.  But I will post them soon in the recipe section – I promise!  And you owe me some pictures girl!


2 thoughts on “Sophia turns one year old!

  1. A-M

    Dunno how you find the time for all that stuff. Most days laundry/dinner/chores take up all of my free time. Happy Birthday again to your very tall Sophia…she gets cuter by the second!!

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