Antje & Jess


Ok, so all the photos I loaded didn’t load.  Let’s try again…

In Portland, we visited Antje & Jess, good friends we haven’t seen in two years (due to the birth of Sophia last summer).  We had a wonderful lobster cookout at Bridgette’s house (Antje’s Mom), visited Shipyard brewery to taste some yummy beers, took in some local shops (the gals at 2 note are great!), and visited a wading pool at the local park.

Antje and Jess are embarking on some new adventures, becoming independent businesswomen this year.  I can tell you more about this once Antje’s website is up and running.  All I can say for now is that in addition to her bakery job (she makes AMAZING cakes!), she’s finally going to sell her creative crafty projects!!!  And Jess is opening her own law practice! Best of luck to you both!

And that’s it for Maine, at least for another year.  We can’t wait for another visit…

Many thanks to Hank and Kathy (East Coast Papa and Grammy) who made Kezar Lake possible!


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