More Lovely Maine

After Kezar Lake, Sophia, Jon and I took a special day (Sophia’s birthday) to visit a lovely fabric store, and then a beach and an inn. Here are some photos:

sophia exploring alewives...with a tomato in her mouth

It was so lovely to finally visit the store where I order lots of fabrics.  I have many plans for the fabrics I brought home, which I will focus on in a separate post.  Rhea is a lovely person with a very lovely store!  So nice to have met you!

head's beach

eating 1st birthday watermelon
and having shipyard!

Someone (I won’t mention who) only wanted to walk around the beach…even in the water! And the water, well, it was a bit chilly! It was one of the first times I actually was a bit cold on the trip…

edgewater farn inn

The inn was a bit cluttered with stuff everywhere (furniture & knickknacks everywhere) but the grounds were amazing.  There are four acres and they are all beautifully landscape with flowers and veggies (it’s part of a farm and CAS)! And breakfast was great – blueberry pancakes and sausages! The sun room would be lovely in wintertime…

Next up: Portland –  Home of Antje & Jess!


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