off to maine…

We’ll have a two-week hiatus here on blogging, as we journey to Massachusetts and then Maine for our east coast adventure.  This will be Sophia’s first 5+ hour plane ride…and we’re all kinda worried, but well, there’s not much we can do, other than be prepared…

We’re going to see Jon’s side of the family, some of whom Sophia has never met!  We’ll fly in on Friday and then head up to Maine for one glorious week at Kezar Lake, where we’ll do nothing but spend time with family, play in the lake, go from long walks, eat yummy seafood, and generally enjoy ourselves.  I even found us a blueberry field to go visit and pick blueberries!  I can almost taste them now… We’ll have a joint birthday party for Sophia and her cousin Matt, who will be 15!

Then  it’s off to this inn on Sophia’s actual birthday.  We plan on visiting this wonderful fabric store where I have ordered many fabrics, but have not yet visited (SO EXCITED!!!!!) and then going to Portland to see Antje and Jess, whom we have not seen  it two years (due to the birth of Sophia last July).

We’re going to have a fabulous time!  I may be able to post the occasional photo during the trip, but this visit is about family time and relaxing…so, please don’t expect anything until we return.

On the sewing front, I finished that shirt pattern I was working on that I modified from Weekend Sewing…and it did not work at all.  The collar was too high around my neck (so I shortened it into a v-shape…), the shirt length was too short,  and the arm holes too wide.

original neckline

Those mandarin collars just don’t work for me…

So, this pattern will have to be attempted again…when I return.  I do like the fabric…I just hate using binding (and such narrow biding at that)…I just don’t like this shirt. Sorry for the blurry photos…I was a bit frustrated…

Oh well…I have lots of dresses to wear in Maine.  It should be lovely…we leave for Phoenix tomorrow where we’ll have a pizza party for Sophia with my family before we leave.

I’m hoping those monsoon rains come soon…though, I hate to miss them.  We’ve had NO rain yet.  My trees need the water…


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