Sewing Challenge Update!

The dress challenge: follow a pattern and complete the dress in time for the movies on Saturday! Oh – and hope the dress fits!

I cut out all the pieces of the pattern one afternoon.  My goal was to use the next nap time to begin sewing the pieces together…only, Sophia didn’t want to nap after our friends left from the play date.

So, what’s a girl with a deadline to do?  Start sewing a little bit while entertaining the baby! How so – why, just throw some fabric on the floor and somehow she plays with her toys and the fabric long enough for you to sew the straps!

And then it’s off to play in the tunnel…for a few hours.  Once Sophia finally fell asleep, it was almost 4 pm!  I quickly began working on the pattern. Everything was moving smoothly until I got to the bodice part.

The directions said to sew the back bodice and front bodice together along the sides and then to sew the facing back bodice to the facing front bodice.  I had to read this part several times before I understood…and the illustration really didn’t help (this was the only part the illustrations didn’t help).  I finally took a deep breathe and sewed…and it worked!

the bodice

I even decided this was a good time to put my logo on the bodice, so the seams wouldn’t show.  Only once I had the dress and the bodice pieced together, I realized I had sewn the logo on the outside of the dress!  Oh well – out came the seam rippers!

the logo
almost a dress!

Finally, during today’s morning nap, all the pieces were sewn together.  I had a little help from Jon on positing the straps (which is hard to do when you’re in the dress!) before sewing them in place.  At last, I had a completed dress.

A dress that was a bit big.  So I took it in a bit, but it’s still a bit large.  At least it’s not too small!  And it is comfy! And it has pockets.  And it’s a little see-through, so I probably have to wear a slip…

Yea!  I did it – and under the deadline. And I learned quite a bit.  Next time, I’ll be more daring with the pleats (they turned out a bit small). And I plan on making th next dress more form fitting – don’t need anyone thinking this is a maternity dress, thank you very much.  I think I’ll begin working on another dress (not for the movies tomorrow!), but another dress for our trip. We leave in less than a week for Maine!

I’m going to go finish dying some of Sophia’s white clothing items a different color than food stains.  That way, she can still wear them and they won’t look so dirty!


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